Tottenham vs Man City: Arsenal looking for favour from rivals - kick-off time (2024)

Tottenham vs Man City: Arsenal looking for favour from rivals - kick-off time (1)

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  • Kieran Davies, Digital Journalist

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Tottenham vs Man City: Arsenal looking for favour from rivals - kick-off time (2)

MANCHESTER CITY have got one hand on the Premier League title after beating Tottenham 2-0 tonight.

Erling Haaland's double not only means that Pep's side are now in the driving seat ahead of Arsenal going into the final game of the season.

But it also shattered Spurs' top four hopes leaving Aston Villa with the final Champions League spot

  • RESULT: Tottenham 0-2 Man City
  • Live stream: NOW TV
  • TV channel: Sky Sports Main Event / Premier League
  • Tottenham XI: Vicario, Porro, Romero, Dragusin, Van de Ven, Hojbjerg, Bentancur, Sarr, Maddison, Johnson, Son
  • Man City XI: Ederson, Walker, Akanji, Dias, Gvardiol, Rodri, Kovacic, De Bruyne, Silva, Foden, Haaland
  • Premier League permutations: All the details on title race, European spots and relegation battle


Follow ALL the action from the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium with our live blog below...

  • 14th May 2024, 22:31By Kieran Davies

    Pep goes through the emotions in capital

    While Man City got the result they needed, their manager went through the full range of emotions during the match.

    Highs, lows and dealing with angry players.....he had it all to deal with.

    None of that will matter now as his team are sitting pretty at the top of the Premier League table with their fate in their own hands.


  • 14th May 2024, 22:23By Kieran Davies

    Erling another golden boot

    Erling Haaland looks set to make it back-to-back golden boots in the Premier League this season.

    Now six goals ahead of nearest opposition, it would take something miraculous to wrestle this award from him.

    Aside from that, his two goals this evening have put Man City within grasp of another Premier League title.


  • 14th May 2024, 22:15By Kieran Davies

    Foden stars for Pep once again

    Phil Foden has made himself such an integral part of this Man City side now that they cannot afford to be without him.

    His silky skills, dribbling and movement elevate Guardiola's side.

    Despite Tottenham giving him no time on the ball in the first half, you cannot keep a good man down and he played a huge part in the opening goal.


  • 14th May 2024, 22:09By Kieran Davies

    FT: Tottenham 0-2 Man City

    This was seen as the final hurdle if Pep Guardiola's side wanted to win their fourth consecutive Premier League title.

    It took them some time to break the deadlock but once Erling Haaland got his goal, the away end erupted.

    For Tottenham, their hopes of a top four spot are officially over and Aston Villa are in next season's Champions League tournament.


  • 14th May 2024, 22:07By Kieran Davies

    German keeps City's title ambitions alive

    Stefan Ortega came off the bench tonight to replace Ederson after he potentially may have suffered a concussion in a coming together with Cristian Romero.

    The substitute was immediately called into action as he had to deny Kulusevski from a tight angle.

    His work was not finished there as Son ran clear with only the keeper to beat but Ortega made himself big and a pivotal save in the process.

    Nobody can deny he deserved his man of the match award.


  • 14th May 2024, 21:59By Kieran Davies

    FT: Tottenham 0-2 Man City

    It is all over in North London.

    Man City are one win away from another Premier League title.

    Arsenal fans will be drowning their sorrows as we speak.


  • 14th May 2024, 21:58By Kieran Davies

    Tottenham 0-2 Man City

    90+10. How about that for a substitute appearance.

    Reserve goalkeeper Stefan Ortega has been given the man of the match award.

    Now that is not something you see too often.

    Ederson will be even more livid now, planning to have that smiley face tattoo removed by laser as we speak.


  • 14th May 2024, 21:56By Kieran Davies

    Tottenham 0-2 Man City

    90+8. Doku is causing Tottenham problems down the left.

    He manages to beat Skipp and looks to cross from the byline.

    Fortunately the hosts have plenty of players back and are able to cut out the ball before any City player can capitalise.

    Guardiola's side come straight back down the pitch and Doku cuts onto his left foot and fires a shot off but Vicario blocks at the expense of another corner.


  • 14th May 2024, 21:54By Kieran Davies

    Tottenham 0-2 Man City

    90+6. The fans start singing 'are you watching Arsenal?'

    It is likely they have turned over in disbelief and anger by now.

    Cursing why their fierce rivals refused to do them a favour.


  • 14th May 2024, 21:52By Kieran Davies

    Tottenham 0-2 Man City

    90+4. Tottenham force a corner to create some late pressure.

    Lo Celso's corner is flicked on at the near post but there was a foul by one of the Spurs' defenders.

    Alvarez is coming on to replace Haaland which seems to be Guardiola's go to substitution when the Norwegian is on a hat-trick.


  • 14th May 2024, 21:50By Tom Barclay

    Tottenham 0-2 Man City

    Wow. Son had Arsenal’s title hopes in his hand there as he raced through.

    But the South Korean could not beat Ortega.

    Guardiola fell to the ground in his dugout amid the drama.


  • 14th May 2024, 21:50By Kieran Davies

    Tottenham 0-2 Man City

    90+2. Haaland sends Vicario the wrong way as he buries his penalty.

    The Man City fans celebrate wildly, knowing how important that goal could be for them to retain the title.

    Pep Guardiola fist pumps the air as he sees the net bulge.

    There are going to be ten additional minutes added.


  • Goal - Erling Haaland (Man City)


  • 14th May 2024, 21:47By Kieran Davies

    Penalty to Man City


  • 14th May 2024, 21:46By Kieran Davies

    Tottenham 0-1 Man City

    88. We can expect a lot of added time to come soon.

    What a chance that was for Son Heung-min a moment ago.

    Ortega certainly saved Akanji with that block.


  • 14th May 2024, 21:45By Tom Barclay

    Tottenham 0-1 Man City

    Ederson furiously kicked a water-bottle cool box as he reluctantly took his seat on the subs’ bench, prompting mocking ‘oohs’ from the crowd.

    The Brazilian was still seething as he sat down, ripping off his bandaging around his gloves in anger.


  • 14th May 2024, 21:44By Kieran Davies

    Tottenham 0-1 Man City

    86. Man City seem content to just pass the ball around.

    They give it away in a dangerous area and Son runs clear through on goal with only the keeper to beat.

    Ortega makes a block to deny the Spurs player a massive goal in this title race.


  • 14th May 2024, 21:41By Kieran Davies

    Tottenham 0-1 Man City

    84. Man City could do with that moment of magic from someone right now to give them a cushion in this game.

    Haaland finds Silva out wide but he cannot progress and ends up running back towards his own goal.

    They certainly miss the creativity of Kevin De Bruyne this Man City team.


  • 14th May 2024, 21:40By Kieran Davies

    Tottenham 0-1 Man City

    82. There is a really drab atmosphere in the game right now.

    It is deafly quiet in North London.

    Would be a cracking place to grab your favourite book and have a good read right now.


  • 14th May 2024, 21:38By Kieran Davies

    Tottenham 0-1 Man City

    80. Maddison is fouled and wins a free kick, although he does not seem happy with that and tries to win an Oscar as he rolls around on the ground.

    There was no way that challenge warranted such a reaction.

    You see it so often from the modern player, about as tough as a poorly set jelly.


  • 14th May 2024, 21:36By Kieran Davies

    Tottenham 0-1 Man City

    78. Porro is played the ball out wide and has acres of space.

    Doku uses his pace to get over there and close him down, blocking the cross at the expense of a corner.

    It is played short to Kulusevski, shifting it onto his left foot and getting a shot off at goal.

    He gets right underneath it and it is never going to trouble the Man City goal.


  • 14th May 2024, 21:35By Kieran Davies

    Tottenham 0-1 Man City

    76. A lot of the Man City attackers are playing right on the shoulder of the last man in this high Tottenham defensive line.

    However, they are missing the inch-perfect passing of Kevin De Bruyne to exploit that right now.

    The visitors are getting numbers behind the ball whenever Spurs have possession.


  • 14th May 2024, 21:32By Kieran Davies

    Tottenham 0-1 Man City

    74. Ederson certainly does not look anything like his smiley face tattoo on his neck right now.

    As we head into the final quarter of the game, you feel Man City need another goal to take this game beyond Tottenham.

    While they have such a slender lead, Postecoglou's side are very much still in this game.


  • 14th May 2024, 21:30By Kieran Davies

    Tottenham 0-1 Man City

    72. At the other end Kulusevski almost barges his way through the Man City defence as Akanji kicks the ball straight at him.

    He manages to get a shot away but Ortega makes a great block to deny the Spurs player.

    Man City go down the other end and Doku whips a cross/shot into the box which Vicario tips behind for a corner.


  • 14th May 2024, 21:28By Kieran Davies

    Tottenham 0-1 Man City

    70. Bernardo Silva plays a short pass into Foden who looks to drop the shoulder and take it past his man.

    He almost gets lucky with a deflection as he tries to scramble through on goal.

    Tottenham manage to clear their lines and keep the visitors out.

    Ederson has really thrown his toys out of the pram on the bench at being substituted.



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Tottenham vs Man City: Arsenal looking for favour from rivals - kick-off time (2024)


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Tottenham vs Manchester City is due to kick off at 8pm BST on Tuesday 14 May at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

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The North London derby is the meeting of the association football clubs Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur, both of which are based in North London, England. Fans of both clubs consider the other to be their main rivals, and the derby is considered by many to be one of the fiercest derbies in the world.

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