Harry Potter: Who is Voldemort’s Daughter? (2024)

One of the biggest shocks in the entire Harry Potter series came from the famous play-turned-novel Hary Potter And The Cursed Child. That massive surprise was the fact that, at some point, the darkest wizard to ever live, Lord Voldemort, had actually conceived a child before he would eventually meet his demise at the hands of Harry Potter.

There are plenty of interesting directions to take a character that is the spawn of pure evil, but the whole situation around this girl ended up being a bit too simple for some. Some Harry Potter fans skipped out on Harry Potter And The Cursed Child which means there are plenty of fans who discover the fact that Voldemort had a child and immediately wonder exactly who the young girl known as Delphini Riddle truly is.

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How Did Voldemort Have A Child?

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Voldemort having a child is a shock for quite a few reasons, one of which being that the dark lord was incapable of feeling love. While that doesn’t mean someone as evil as Voldemort wouldn’t be interested in having a fling here and there, Harry Potter fans clearly didn’t think anything like that would ever happen.

Considering the mother of Delphini Riddle is none other than Bellatrix Lestrange, it’s entirely possible that the child was conceived by some magical means, much like her father was. While Bellatrix and Voldemort did have an interesting relationship, the thought of them being romantically involved in any way without the influence of some kind of love potion does seem a bit far-fetched.

Regardless of whether or not a love potion was involved or not, Delphini would be born at Malfoy Manor in 1998 and kept secret for years. She did turn to a life of darkness, but it’s not clear if that was something innate within her from her parents, the result of a love potion, or simply wanting to feel some kind of connection to her parents who had left her alone in the world.

Who Is Delphini?

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Delphini Riddle, often going by Delphi, was destined to be one of the most powerful witches in existence. Being one of the last descendants of Salazar Slytherin, she had the ability to speak parseltongue, a skill that few witches or wizards possess throughout the Harry Potter series. During her childhood, she lived as a lonely orphan and was unable to ever attend Hogwarts to hone her powers in the safe walls of the magical school.

Eventually, Delphini would learn the truth about her parentage and set forth to bring her parents back from the dead. To do this, she would charm Amos Diggory in order to pose as his niece, a simple young Diggory who just wanted to see her cousin come back to life. Unfortunately, that was just the beginning of her twisted ways.

Despite not attending Hogwarts, the silver-haired young woman was a capable witch. Her strength was on full display through the fact that she was able to pose a serious challenge to Harry Potter without any additional help. Her magical prowess was only further aided by her ability to utilize unforgivable curses without any difficulty, and her impressive smarts which are on display with her schemes that actually do succeed for a while.

Delphini’s Friendship With Harry Potter’s Son

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In order for Delphini’s plan to revive her fallen parents to work, she wound up befriending the sons of both Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy, Albus Potter and Scorpius Malfoy respectively. She was forced to befriend a couple of Hogwarts students due to Harry Potter refusing to help enact her plan to use a time-turner to go back in time to the death of Cedric Diggory, a moment she believed was pivotal.

The trio became close quickly, even going as far as brewing a polyjuice potion in order to break into the Ministry of Magic so they could get their hands on a time-turner. The boys ended up letting Delphini down, which meant she needed to take matters into her own hands. Upon tricking the boys into giving her the time-turner, Delphini would show off her evil nature for the first time, killing a Hogwarts student and forcing the boys to aid her in her time-traveling plan.

With their blooming friendship spoiled, Delphini’s plans were thwarted by chance thanks to Cedric Diggory after they traveled back to the third challenge of the Triwizard Tournament. Delphini fled through time once more, leaving the boys stranded on the day before Voldemort would kill the Potters and cement his own doom.

Delphini’s Battle With Harry Potter

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With Delphini scrambling to locate her father before he could kill the Potters, the classic hero Harry Potter and his friends arrived in the same era via a time-turner in order to save Albus and Scorpius, something that eventually led to a battle between Delphini Riddle and Harry Potter. In order for the two to battle, Harry posed as Voldemort to lure her out in the open, but the charade would only last so long before Delphini was able to see through it.

While Harry had a plan for taking her down, Delphini put a stop to that quickly and locked down the church the two were in before immediately disarming him. All Harry could hope to do was survive until someone was able to make it inside to help him, and luckily, help came in the form of his son Albus. It wasn’t a moment too soon either, because it truly appeared as if Delphini was about to defeat Harry Potter.

Albus rearmed his father, and upon opening the locked church, all of Harry’s family and friends joined in on the battle against Delphini. While she may have been strong and skilled enough to take down each of the witches and wizards individually, she was no match for the combined might, eventually leading to Delphini’s defeat.

In a dark surprise, Albus is more interested in seeing Delphini killed for all that she’s done, though Harry quickly shuts that idea down. Despite Delphini’s pleas to have her mind taken from her, Harry refuses to kill her, believing that it is on her to come to grips with the situation she was born into. With the battle now at a close, Delphini had officially been beaten by Harry Potter and, based on a suggestion from Hermione, likely ended up in Azkaban for her crimes.

The Harry Potter series is available to stream on HBO Max.

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