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In NBA 2K23, players receive gold cards very often. Players will be having an abundance of them after logging in only once. Their main objective will probably be to swap out the cards they possess for better ones. That's reasonable, but give that idea some more time.

In NBA 2K23, not all cards with both a high tier and OVR are superior to all gold cards. A majority of the cards in the Sapphire or Emerald tiers and above are inferior to the cards on this list. Keep hold of these cards, at least for some time, to surprise your opponents while putting money aside for eventual purchases of genuinely outstanding cards. We cover the best cards you can have in your arsenal while playing the MyTeam Mode in NBA 2K23.

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Marcus Smart

Guards who can shoot serve as a team's main offensive threat. Shooting guards are the first position that comes to mind when it comes to playing defense, whether it is through slashing inside, letting it go from deep, or perhaps a mixture of both strategies.

Marcus Smart, who possesses some of the strongest defensive badges within the competition, including gold, won't allow it to happen. Although he is not a traditional shooting guard's offensive powerhouse, it is important to not undervalue his ability to guard the opposition's top scorer.

M.L Carr

M.L. Carr is a small forward who plays defense exclusively; the badges he possesses cause trouble outside the paint. Although his offensive game isn't very noteworthy, he does possess a few red zones within the arc, which means he may feel safe when attempting an open shot.

Because of the frequent setup of picks by guards to switch up defenders, perimeter defense is essential. Normally, a tiny forward is ill-equipped to deal with a long-range guard, however, Carr rises to the occasion.

Julius Randle

What according to you made Julius Randle the league's top player at the moment? His beneath-the-rim playmaking. The players are beginning to notice that inside passes are just as lethal as outside passes when point guards display their elite playmaking skills.

With the finest playmaking skills available, Julius Randle can pass as either a power forward or even a 6'8" center, if necessary. Although the midrange is outside of his hot areas, he finishes strongly and shoots threes equally as effectively.

Myles Turner

With a wingspan of 7'4" and a height of 6'11", Myles Turner is among the best centers in the league. Each one of Myles Turner's badges - aside from Vice Grip - falls under the rebounding/defense umbrella. Gamers want their big guys to do just that. Turner should be used as a stopper when facing inside opponents that pose a threat. Other players will be required to find some other way to score points while Turner is securing the inside as there are no openings in the paint.

Jonas Valanciunas

Jonas Valanciunas has several hot areas to use even if he may not possess any badges within the shooting category. He's not only very strong as a center, but when opponents stop paying attention to him, he'll make easy jumpers outside. Valanciunas, a capable 6'11" center, excels in finishing and defense. In contrast to gold cards which struggle to achieve the bare minimum, the extra complexity of his game makes him a desirable item.

Marcus Fizer

Post movements had some major improvements last year, and since then this type of play is still effective. Just to keep the opposition on its toes, the squad should include at least a single player who is excellent at shooting into the post. Marcus Fizer possesses the credentials, qualities, and hot spots required for this position.

Fizer is a good rebounder and a good boxer when playing defense. He will win the struggle with other players against other power forwards well over a majority of the time. Or you could switch the 6'8" player to a small forward, which would truly create a severe mismatch.

Dorell Wright

A small forward will require the greatest shooting credentials and a smooth swing to become an excellent perimeter shooter. With five silver badges, every one of which falls under the category of skills from outside the arc, Dorell Wright focuses exclusively on his abilities in that area.

He has hot spots, particularly in and around the corners. There is no better option as a slasher's escape route than Wright. Towering at 6'9", he has a significant height plus release advantage against guards shooting comparable shots in this area of the floor.

Cedric Maxwell

When you’re at the gold tier, power forwards frequently serve as little more than aids to interior defense. With a collection of badges that transform him into a potent slasher on that side of the floor, Cedric Maxwell scoffs at the thought of being ineffective on offense.

He still has a significant number of badges from each of the other categories, many of these are defensive-focused. Maxwell, who is 6'8", may also be moved to small forward, giving the squad three interior defensive stalwarts if it ends up being the team's identity.

Derrick Mckey

It's difficult to stop little forwards. The largest range of builds may be seen in little forwards. It is impossible for opponents to predict whether they must block a post machine, dunk specialist, or perimeter shooter.

Derrick McKey is capable of lining up against every type of scorer since he has a variety of defensive badges that allow him to effectively stop any construct. McKey is virtually a center at 6'9", which makes him a mismatch against almost every other small forward.

Rony Seikaly

Centers of the gold category typically have a significant problem. They could be less physically impressive, poor in defense, or ineffective on the attack. If a novice loses a game, it is probably due to the reason that the center isn't powerful enough. All these issues are resolved, by Rony Seikaly.

Seikaly is a reliable attacking danger because of his gold badge in the skill Fearless Finisher as well as several outstanding finishing badges which allow him to score often from the post. However, his 6'11" height and Post Lockdown badge discourage other centers from attempting the same move.

Cards to consider as a beginner

Joel Embiid

Joel Embiid ought to be a reliable center who can shoot 67 to 73 points a game. He has earned a few gold badges over the years as a ruby card and once beats one while he was an amethyst during MyTeam series 1. He had a 78-shot three-point total, according to a series one card. Therefore, Embiid may be a large body that can spread the floor and a very good player. According to the internal assessment, he received a B overall. He will be able to retreat to smaller centers because of his might. He could be the greatest NBA 2K23 MyTEAM starter with a post-defensive score of B+ and a rebounding grade of B.

Ja Morant

Ja Morant, who has terrific speed early in the game, is a nice option if you want a rim-runner point guard who can drive toward the basket at a presumably efficient pace. For you, Morant can build up a quick, transition-based attack. He also has a great, high-flying dunking game. Regardless of Ruby grade, his shooting, as well as defensive skills, are somewhat lacking.

Jimmy Butler

Jimmy Butler is the man to choose if you need a reliable wing shooter who really can lock down. He is a defensive wing who can stop you quickly. Can perform a little bit of every task on the court and will be useful in TTO and TT. Jimmy Butler's issue is that he performs poorly on the three-point line generally. Jimmy is not a shooter, although his lower overall cards are likely to have a maximum score of 70. Jimmy Butler is likely what you're searching for in the 1960s, so our only option is to consider alternatives.

Rick Smith

We already have the 7'4" giant in the game, and relying heavily on how the interior game goes, many people claim that the post-game is profitable. The problem with this is that it can be very difficult for unskilled players to tell when the post-game is profitable; by this, they mean that hooks and fade-aways are profitable once more. Joel Embiid will be in a better position if that's the case, but if by "paint" they mean a huge man scoring over everyone. That implies that Rick Smith will bully everyone on the floor; he will be an outright bully.

One of the issues with Joel Embiid is that if you don't want to use your starters, would you intend to use your cards right away? If not, does it really concern whom you choose instead of Rick Smith, who is already 3–4k MT and is likely to bully?


This concludes this guide on the best MyTeam Gold Cards. Instead of just focusing on the highly rated Gold Cards we have also included some cards you might consider if you are new wot the MyTeam mode in the latest NBA 2K23.

NBA 2K23 Best Gold Cards In MyTeam - MMOPIXEL (2024)
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