How to Recognize the Effects of Steroids

Anabolic steroids have been used by athletes to enhance their strength, physical performance and endurance. Athletes commonly use these drugs for competition or recreation. Body builders and other athletes take anabolic steroids to build muscle mass fast, shed excess fat and improve their endurance and strength. In fact, they are still being used widely in professional sports today. Anabolic steroids are not only used by athletes, but also some bodybuilders take them to build muscle mass in anticipation of a bodybuilding contest.

Steroids affect the body’s steroid hormone system, thus there is a very high risk of serious side effects occurring from long term steroid abuse. These include increased risk of developing male impotence, testicular cancer, heart damage, bone loss and premature death. Even though anabolic steroids may produce positive results for many users, serious side effects and health risks may be evident for others. Athletes who use steroids often build muscles rapidly and have short periods of recovery, which puts them at risk for overuse injuries.

For those who treat athletes who use steroids, they often find that treatment can increase the risk of heart problems, high blood pressure and diabetes. Overuse of steroids can cause a decrease in growth, affect the functioning of the reproductive system and lower the testosterone level in a person treating to treat competitively. Those who treat anabolic steroids also see an increase in blood sugar levels. This is due to the effect of anabolic steroids on the insulin system. You can learn about testosterone cypionate for sale.

Athletes should be monitored when taking steroids because continued use of the drugs can decrease the body’s ability to recover from injuries and build muscle. It is important that doses are started cautiously and gradually raised as the body adjusts to the low doses of steroids. Some doctors recommend that athletes start with low doses and gradually raise the doses over a period of time as they progress with their training and competition.

An increase in appetite and weight is one of the other serious side effects of steroids. These side effects occur when a person takes the low dose of anabolic steroids. Weight gain is sometimes noticed and the user may notice that he or she has increased appetite. This can lead to increased caloric intake, which can lead to serious health problems.

One of the other dangerous side effects of steroids is the formation of stretch marks. These can be permanent scars on the body if they are not treated early. Women who use steroids are at a greater risk for developing these scars. They will sometimes experience increased menstrual cycle, increased hair growth or stretch marks on their abdomen. These are especially common in teenagers who are still growing and are producing large amounts of testosterone.

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