Interesting Facts To Know About NYSE: UMC

Introduction about nyse yumc

Yum China Holdings is mainly a restaurant company. Some of this company’s segments mainly include KFC, the Pizza Hut Casual Dining. By the end of 2016, this company had over 7,500 different restaurants in China. Its restaurant base mainly consists of different restaurant concepts. This companywas founded in 1987. And its headquarters is located in Shanghai, China. This is mainly registered under NYSE under the ticker name yumc. Some of the facts about NYSE: UMC at will be discussed in this article.

Top reasons to invest in stocks of Restaurant Company-

  1. The first and the most important among the different reasons is that restaurants offer people their basic needs. In the ranking of needs, eating is the top priority.  Restaurants today offer a wide range of food or ordering options for thier customers.
  2. In today’s busy lifestyle most people do not cook at home for comfort. Most people love to go outside and eat food but in some other cases, they don’t have the time to prepare meals. That is why they go to restaurants or any fast-food chains to buy and eat food.
  3. The restaurant industries are less likely to experience bankruptcy. The main reason for this is the decentralized nature of the business.
  4. The restaurant business is a vast industry.  It also helps other industries to survive.  It is important to note that the restaurant industry already has a developed infrastructure.  Its system has been already developed from some early years and also continues to improve.
  5. Another important reason to invest in this industry is that it has got barriers.
  6. Mainly eating is the most survival need among all human beings. Eating in a restaurant is considered to be an affordable luxury for anyone.  Even at the time of a crisis, eating out in the restaurant is still affordable, unlike the other luxuries where one needs to have a lot of money to enjoy them.

Top facts to know about NYSE Yumc

  1. Yum China has received a consensus rating to buy. This average rating score of this company is 2.67, and this is mainly based on the 4 buy ratings, no sell ratings and the 2 hold ratings.
  2. YUMC shares have mainly increased by 25.7% and are now trading at $52.51. Shares of this company can be purchased through any of the online brokerage accounts.


These are some of the main reasons why the restaurant industry is still considered the best investment. Everybody can take in a restaurant as long as they will simply follow the basic rules and regulations. You can do stock trading after checking more stock news. Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

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