Difference Between Clay And Polymer Bobbleheads

Difference Between Clay And Polymer Bobbleheads

If you want to know the difference between Polymer and Clay Bobbleheads, be with us, and go ahead with the same article to get to know that how custom bobblehead differ if they are produced from clay material or if they are produced from Polymer. There is a vast difference between these two categories.

Difference Between Clay And Polymer Bobbleheads:

If you compare the same design, same size, same color, and same appearances of two types of Bobbleheads (one is made of clay, and the other is made from Polymer) you can see the following differences.

Dryness and Moisture:

If you have made a doll from clay, it will get dried and lose its moisture in a short time. It causes the breakage of this doll, and it will lose its shape. But if you have made the dolls from polymer materials, the doll doesn’t need to get hydrated to be in shape given to it.


As we all know that clay is never made for remaining in one shape giving to it. It changes its form with the Availablity of water and without water. If the doll fells, it will get destroyed. But this problem is completely solved in the polymer materials because it doesn’t get broken down if it fells.

Aesthetic Difference:

It’s not the case that we can avoid painting and clothing the doll. Yes, we need to give eye color, hair, hair color. We need to put on some clothes for toys, etc. Painting the doll is the most laborious task in clay Custom Bobbleheads because of clay color. But all of these problems are not faced in the case of polymer Bobbleheads.

Cost Of Producing Bobbleheads:

Clay is defeating the polymer materials in a comparison of their prices. Because polymer materials, as we all know, are in the categories of industry standards. That’s why they are highly costly materials as compared to clay. Whereas, clay is cheaper or cheapest as compared to polymer materials. So, it is not that expensive to prepare a doll from clay.

Rate Of Perfection:

If you want to see your face in the face of your doll, remember it’s only up to 50-60% possible to reach to similar face level. But it’s 80% likely to get accurate results in making the face of the doll.


We explain how clay and polymer Bobbleheads differ from each other. We told how and when it’s beneficial to make Custom Bobbleheads from clay and Polymer. We hope it can help you decide your base material.

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