Protect Yourself From an Instagram Account Hacker

Protect Yourself From an Instagram Account Hacker

There are many people who are losing a lot of money from an Instagram account hacker. An Instagram account hacker is one who gets access to the person’s account and posts photos of the person in a sexually suggestive manner. The person can never be sure what is on the person’s Facebook wall because the photos are usually private.

If you suspect that your Instagram is hacked then you need to take a number of actions. Some of the things that you can do include deleting all of the pictures from the account and changing the password and you can also report it to Instagram.

You should first determine who is the hacker. It is important to find out the name of the hacker and to find out if they are using a computer program to hide behind while they post and steal the information. This may be very difficult because hackers often use the computer as a way to hide. Many of the pictures that are posted will be very embarrassing for the person who they are posted.

Next, you will need to change the username. You can do this by logging into the Instagram account, go to settings, and then clicking on the username.

Next, you will need to add a new username for your account. Click on your user name and select ‘add a new name’. Make sure that you make a new username and do not use your real name. You should change your username to something that is hard to guess such as your username on Facebook or your name on Google+. Visit here for more information Instagram account hacker

After you have changed your username, you should set up an internet connection. Then, go to the security settings of your Instagram account and choose the option ‘try again later’. You will then have to wait for Instagram to confirm that the connection is up to date. You will have to do this when you go to your account, but then again you will have to do it each time that you set up the connection.

When you set up the connection, you will also have to choose ‘verify’ and then enter the new password and hit the enter button. Your connection will be secured and you will have to wait until the connection is actually completed.

Finally, you will need to let other people know that you are getting accounts and changing passwords. You should let everyone that you know that you are getting accounts and changing passwords. Keep in mind that these people will likely be getting accounts too so they will want to change their passwords too.

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